Careers at Nofence

We are an award-winning, innovative company designing and building advanced technology to make the world a better place for grazing animals and humankind. No less. Our collars remove the need for fences and eliminate manual labor that comes with fencing. We aim to enable a new generation of technology that harmonizes with the planet’s ecosystems.

Why Nofence?

We believe that grazing animals enjoy life more if they are kept outdoors where they have the opportunity to find their own food. We know that the need for fences is the reason why so few animals are allowed to just that. As a result, many grazing animals are kept indoors, even if it is an established fact that it would be better if they were let out onto pastures. The technology that we are developing, makes fences redundant. The solution is ridiculously obvious.


The place of work will be at Batnfjordsøra in Norway. Mountains and fjords are at our doorstep, and the great ocean is just around the bend.

Since Nofence is based in Norway, you can expect benefits aligned with Norwegian standards, such as:

The area is very family friendly, with kindergartens and elementary schools next door. The cities Kristiansund and Molde are just a 30-minute drive away, and the public transport system is well connected.

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Our newest employees

André Næss
André Næss, Senior Developer
Bente Solenes
Bente Solenes, Support
Linda H. Sandnes
Linda H. Sandnes, Support

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