Prices – Virtual fencing as a service

Nofence deliver virtual fencing as a service. The price consists of two parts: First you buy the number of collars you need, and then you pay a subscription fee per collar for only the number of days you are using the service. When the collars are not in use, you pay nothing.

The total price is depending on the number of collars and how you use our service.

Price per Goat Collar: € 189,00

Extra battery: € 40,00

Subscription cost:

Active collar: € 0,51 per day
Passive collar: € 0,00 per day 🙂

(all prices excl. VAT)

Goat collar ready for sale summer 2018
Cattle collars earliest in 2019

The correct subscription costs will be calculated automatically and charged at the end of each month though a payment provider. 

Functions included
Nofence smartphone-app (Android og iOS)
Basic functions for tracking and administration of your collars and pastures
User portal for desktop computer – Log on via your browser and access all data collected from the collars for a deeper analysis- Behaviour data is presented as heat maps and statistics. Here you can activate or deactivate your pool of collars.
Firmware updates – Free and easy
We push out free firmware updates to all your collars through the mobile network. All you need is to push a button in your app.
Free support
We supply all the material you need to teach yourself – But you can of course call our free support service when you need help (during opening hours)
Mobile Network access
All collars come with a SIM-card at no extra cost – The subscription cost to the network provider is included in your price.